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, become.

We offer a wide range of workshops which have been especially designed for every part of your crystal journey, from absolute beginner level to certified courses.

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Wellness and happiness of
, body and spirit.

Here at The Peace Tree, we truly believe that in order to feel well every day, we should carry out nurturing practices on our mind, body and spirit.

We have a whole range of holistic healing products, including a beautiful selection of crystals and aromatherapy oils to assist you on your healing journey.  We believe that by spending a little time on you everyday, will help to bring mind, body and spirit back into balance and keep it there.

We run various workshops to help you get the very best out of your healing, plus drop in sessions, regular shopping days on a Friday and Saturday at our shop and we also offer shopping by appointment.

Have a question? Read our FAQs

How do I work with crystals?

There are many ways of working with your crystals, some take very little effort.  Please find below some examples

  • Carrying or wearing a small crystal with you, for day to day healing
  • Meditate with your crystals, you can do this by simply holding the crystal or surrounding yourself with crystals.
  • Crystal Grids
  • Placing crystals on the body.
  • Place them around your home or work to add positive vibrations.

Do you give treatments?

Yes, we currently give crystal treatments at our beautiful new treatment room based in Wokingham.

Please call Karen on 07753230862 to make an appointment

Do you have a physical shop?

We are now closed for business

Can you give me an idea of prices?

We have small crystals (tumblestones) starting at as little as £0.80 right up to our specimen crystals which at present can go up to £700.00

All crystals have the same healing properties, the price of the crystal depends on the quality, rarity and size of the crystal.

We have lots of other lovely holsitc products too, again ranging from around £3.50 up to around £50.00.

Please do message for further details.