About The Peace Tree

Created in 2018 by Karen Reed

About The Peace Tree

After experiencing first-hand the power of using healing crystals, Karen became fascinated by these powerful healing tools.  She went on to read and study everything crystal related and began her training into the world of energy and crystal healing.

Karen manages  The Peace Tree from a small Cabin in Berkshire, offering a wonderful selection of crystals alongside other healing and ethically sourced goods.

Karen offers crystal healing treatments from the cabin, workshops and coffee evenings, we try to make them fun and informative.  Crystal lovers can learn how to use crystals alongside other holistic healing methods.

Karen has become an expert in many fields of spirituality and continues to study and work with other energy healers.  This journey has completely changed her whole life.




The Peace Tree has gone from strength to strength and continues to evolve as  as more people are turning to natural therapies to heal and balance mind, body and spirit.

We are always learning on our journey and love to hear from our fellow crystal or holistic healing friends and share information with each other on our Facebook social group which you can find which is called The Peace Tree Crystal Friends

About Us

Strength to Strength

As well as providing crystals and other healing products, Karen now also offers a wide variety of workshops from her cabin at The Sanctuary Barn, as well as visiting people in their own homes for therapies, parties and workshops.

Karen practices her work with the greatest good in mind and believes that crystals are helping her to truly be the person she wants to be.