Did you know that our crystal friends soak up energy from everywhere? By the time they have got to you they may have been in many different hands and environments. This can confuse your crystal, dull its sparkle and stop it vibrating and healing to its full potential.
As soon as you get your new crystal home it is important that you make it your own, you can do this by gently cleansing it or them to reset their vibration and bring them back to their original state. This will allow them the work with their best for you.
Often people ask me how to cleanse and revive their crystals.
Here are 3 simple methods you can use to look after and care for your new friends.

Sunlight bath

If you know that your crystals are fine in water (always check this as some crystals are water soluble) a sunlight bath is the perfect way to perk up and revive their energy and bring them back to their original state.

Use running water, tap water is fine, but if you live near a little stream this would be such a lovely treat for your crystal.  (Crystals love bathing in nature).  I usually find between 3 to 5 minutes is a perfect time but use your intuition.

Gently dry your crystal with a dry, soft cloth then place it outside in the sunlight for around 5 to 10 minutes, it is best not to leave them for any longer as the power of the sun can cause them to fade.  Bring them in and place them wherever you wish.

Note – If you are unsure as to whether your crystal can be placed in water, just place them directly outside in the sunlight rather than washing.


Smudging has been used around the world for thousands of years for spiritual cleansing.  Smudging is the practice of burning sage, holy wood or other herbs to remove unwanted energy.

Use a suitable heatproof bowl or abalone shell to burn your chosen herb and simply hold your crystals in the smoke until you feel that they are cleansed and re-energised.

Your crystals will feel as though they have had a refreshing shower.

Abalone Shell – Small

Small White Sage Stick

Terracotta Smudge Bowl

Moonlight cleansing

The best time to do this is the night before, the night after and the night of a full moon as that is when the moon is at its strongest and most potent.

Wash your crystals under running water, (again check they are not water soluble).  Gently dry them with your dry soft cloth.  If the weather is fine, the perfect way to do this would be to lay your crystals outside, however if you can’t put them outside for any reason then lay them on your windowsill.

Leave overnight and allow your friends to soak up the powerful healing energy of the moon.