Have you ever just known the answer to something, but you are just not sure how you knew?  Or have you ever had a feeling in your gut that something is right or wrong?  This is your intuition working for you, it is always there whether you are aware of how to use it or not.

The dictionary definition of intuition is “an immediate understanding or knowing something without reasoning.”

Steve Jobs described intuition as “More powerful than intellect”.

Here are just some things you can do to nurture your intuitive side.

Please do also keep in mind that you do need to use your common sense too, decision should be based with a balance of rational thinking and intuitive thinking.

Firstly, you need to start by listening out for your inner voice. Meditation and mindfulness activities will strengthen your ability to listen to yourself.

If you are confused about something, take some time out, clear your mind, then hear what your soul has to say.

Listen to your body, what is it telling you?  Your instinct is in your gut and therefore if something feels right or wrong your gut (sometimes referred to as your second brain) will tell you.

Try to make a note of your dreams, your inner voice often talks to you through your dreams.

Ensure you take some rest and relaxation, if you’re too busy being busy you forget to listen to your inner voice.

If you are feeling negative or unwell, it is probably not a great time to use your intuition as you may be inclined to make a wrong decision.

As you get deeper into your spiritual journey, you may find that you no longer feel okay with the company of some people, you may begin to feel drained by them or find they are very negative about your chosen path.  You may even feel sad that you no longer have things in common with them.  It is okay to let go of them, sometimes their journey may be going in a different direction to yours.  Your intuition is probably already telling you that you have grown apart.

Listen and connect with others and pay attention to what is going on around you, the more you notice the more accurate your instincts will be.

As said before, please also remember that sometimes you have to follow logic and it is a good idea to have a balance of both to make the best decisions for ourselves.

You can use crystals to meditate with, the following crystals are known for enhancing intuition.

Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz Tumblestone

Labradorite – Large Labradorite Pebble

Celestite – Celestite Cluster