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What is crystal healing?

The use of crystals for healing therapies dates back thousands of years, it is a holistic and natural therapy that uses the placement of crystals on or around the body. The crystals carry a subtle vibration and energy and it is this vibration and energy that we use to interact with our own energy system, to promote a healthy mind, body and spirit Karen Reed is trained crystal healer and has her own toolbox of healing crystals, which she uses specifically for healing sessions.

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What to expect when you visit for crystal healing –Karen Reed

I am extremely passionate about using crystals for therapy after experiencing first-hand the power of these earthy gems.

I have been trained by a Master Teacher in Crystal healing and continue to train and learn all the time in order to give my clients the very best experience.

Each session is different and therefore cannot be described in full here.

I try my very best to put you at ease and once you are settled into the treatment room, we will start by chatting about how things are for you.

You will then be asked questions about your medical background, what conditions you are struggling with and where you are in your life. You will be asked to sign a consent form, your notes and form will all be kept locked away and are strictly confidential.

There are many ways I may choose to start your therapy, and this very much depends on your consultation outcome. I usually suggest 3 sessions of healing, but you may require a few more.

I will start by asking you to lie on the treatment bed and ensure you are comfortable. I will scan your aura for any blockages and may even use my dowsing pendulum to check for any blockages or issues that you may be unaware of.

I will then select the crystals I wish to use for your healing. This maybe specifically, intuitively or via my dowsing pendulum.

Crystals will be placed on and around you, as soon as the crystals are placed, they will start working. Once they are all placed, I will use my master crystal to activate them. Once activated may leave you for a short time or I may choose to take them off you straight away. Everything depends on how comfortable you are.

Some sessions may be shorter depending on the type of therapy needed and some will be longer. (A full chakra cleansing for instance will be a lot longer than just one or two chakras). Sessions generally last around 1 hour including consultation time. I do advise my clients to allow for a couple of hours just in case we run over, but the longest session is around 1.5 hours.

At the end of the session I will give your aura a good sweep down and surround you with a protective shield. Should you require some grounding, I will give you some grounding therapy. After the session you will be offered some water, you may feel sleepy, but hopefully very relaxed and positive.

Sometimes the effect of a session will take place the following day, I will always message you the next day to ensure you are ok.

If required I may suggest some crystals you may like to work with in-between sessions, I will also show you how to use them. If you love the crystals you work with, there is opportunity for you to purchase these crystals at the end of our sessions.

Love and Light


Session Cost

The cost of a healing session is £40.00
Please allow 1.5 hours for your session.

If you would like further details, please do email or call.

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