Hello crystal friends
I have been asked to describe energy healing, in a simplified way on a number of occasions.
Please find my interpretation of how I understand it, this is also the way in which I have been taught.
Energy healing at The Peace Tree is a complementary type of healing, which involves the channelling of positive healing energy, into the body’s subtle energy system. This positive energy activates the body’s internal healing process, helping to clear any blockages within.
Energy healing works on the basis that everything within the universe is made up of different types of energy, giving off its very own vibration.
If our energy is completely off balance or blocked, it can cause illness of mind, body and spirit.
An energy healer channels healing energy into the client via different methods such as reiki and crystal healing.
Some things vibrate at such a high level that we cannot even see it. A couple of examples of these are the aura and also spirit guides (some people can actually see these vibrations too).
The human body is a much denser energy, as is a crystal, a rock and so on.
It is believed that even our thoughts vibrate too. For example, think about when you have walked into a room and you have immediately felt a bad vibe, even though no one has said anything. Or think about someone that is bright, vibrant and uplifting, this person is giving off a high vibration. You can take these vibrations on too. If you’re with high vibrating people, you may just find yourself feeling much brighter and more uplifted.
The same can be said of someone that is giving off heavy vibrations, particularly if they are unwell or feeling depressed. These people are vibrating at a much lower level, you may feel drained if you take on their vibrations.
The human energy system is made up of the aura, the chakras and pathways
We need to treat it all as one system.
Energy travels around our body via the pathways, these pathways cross one another at certain points, along the spine and cause energy vortexes. These energy vortexes are known as the chakras. The chakras are also where energy exchanges take place in and out of the body via the aura.
If one part of our system becomes blocked or out of balance, it can affect the whole system which if not looked after could eventually lead to illness.
Energy healing is about keeping the system clear and balanced.
As a healer, if I were asked to carry out a crystal healing session, this is a simple guide it could work.
I chat to the client and try to assess how they are feeling, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
I look into when the symptoms started and what was and is going on for my client.
Once I know the specific symptoms, I will select crystals to work with. The crystals have their own unique vibrations and I will select them based on their properties and vibrations. For instance, if I need to raise the vibration, I will select higher vibrating crystals.
However, someone can be overwhelmed with their emotions and I may need to select crystals at a lower vibration to give some grounding.
The crystals will interact with the client’s energy to raise, lower and balance the system.