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Beginner’s crystal workshops – Levels 1,2 and 3

Crystal Workshops

These workshops have been designed for those starting out on their crystal journey and are curious to expand their knowledge about crystals.  Within these workshops you will learn about the more common crystals, taking care of your crystals, how to use them crystals for personal use, including meditation and gridding.

Should you wish to take your crystal healing onto a professional level, levels 1,2 and 3 go towards your accredited practioner courses with The Peace Tree.

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Aura and Chakra Healing

This workshop will take your healing journey even further.

We discuss the human energy system in great detail.  This includes the aura, the meridians and the chakras.

We go on to  discuss how you can take care of your own energy system and in turn balance and heal, mind, body and soul.

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This workshop gives an overview of the following –

  • The history of the Dowsing Pendulum
  • What it is used for and how it is used
  • How to get started with your Pendulum
  • Questions to ask your Pendulum
  • Making your own Pendulum chart
  • Pendulum issues
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Crystal Grids

Have you ever wondered what crystal grids are and how they work? If so, then this workshop is for you.
We cover the following areas within this workshop

  • Crystal grids and what they are
  • The power of crystal grids
  • Crystal grids for manifestation
  • Designing and making your own crystal grids
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Aromatherapy workshops
Children’s workshops

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