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We announce a number of workshops through out the year on our facebook page, please click on the events link below to book on.

Beginner’s crystal workshops – Levels 1,2 and 3

Crystal Workshops

These workshops have been designed for those starting out on their crystal journey and are curious to expand their knowledge about crystals.  Within these workshops you will learn about the more common crystals, taking care of your crystals, how to use them crystals for personal use, including meditation and gridding.

Should you wish to take your crystal healing onto a professional level, levels 1,2 and 3 go towards your accredited practioner courses with The Peace Tree.

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Children’s Workshops

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Certified Courses

Karen Reed (Master Crystal Teacher) offers crystal healing workshops as well as the following certified courses.
Level 1 – Crystal Healing Course (Certified) – Ideal for beginners if you have little or no knowledge
Level 2 – Crystal Healing Practitioner Course (Certified) Level 2 – (Must have attended level 1 or equivalent)
Level 3 – Crystal Healing Advanced Practitioner Course (Certified) – (Ideal if you have attended levels 1&2 certified courses)
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Crystal Club

Meeting Dates

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